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Sony PSP 3000 3000f video game mp5 mp4 TV RMVB wide Screen console

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200-megapixel camera
● the integration of game movies, but also can support up to two million cameras,
● excellent video decoding, video format support for a comprehensive, rich feature set,
● 4.3 inch True widescreen
● built-in dual stereo high-fidelity speakers, support for FM, memory 4G, 8G

= Product features =
● 4.3 inch QVGA screen, 640 * 480 resolution.
● support for MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, APE audio formats, such as the mainstream networks, outstanding sound quality, real audio spectrum display.
● support RM / RMVB 720 * 576 the following; AVI 800 * 480 the following, it is recommended to use 640 * 480 resolution;
● support the card outside the extended function, TF card up to 8GB.

● support for high-resolution JPEG format picture browsing.

● FM FM radio support, support for FM recording.
● Digital recording, AB repeat function.
● Energy-saving settings, brightness can freely adjust, since the definition of shutdown time.
● outstanding sound quality, support 3D surround sound effects, audio, Microsoft, customizable EQ.
● a wide range of play modes: single time, single repeat, all once, all repeat, listen, the order of play, random play.
● support for multiple languages.
● USB2.0 high-speed data transmission.
● support the e-book reader, and support while listening to music while reading e-books, with a bookmark function.
● free transform desktop background.
● mobile U disk function, support firmware upgrade.


● Battery design: built-in high-capacity lithium 1500MA, I personally test: power-saving mode, the music player up to a maximum of 10 hours, the film broadcast four hours, ultra-long standby time, practical convenience.

◆ Display: 4.3 TFT QVGA high-definition wide-screen highlight display 16 million colors, resolution up to 640 * 480, first-class high-definition image quality.
◆ whole 14 centimeters long, 8 cm wide, 1.5 centimeters thick
◆ direct support RM / RMVB / AVI format, without conversion! Breakpoint memory function!
◆ internal movement: Rising Micro-2706 decoder chip set with the Samsung the perfect combination of memory chips, the machines create the most stable quality, the most perfect sound quality and enjoyment of the most high-end. The local direct support RM / RMVB / AVI format, etc. Network play video files without conversion, directly watch.
◆ Product color: black, white, blue. Red,
◆ Appendix: charger, standard headset, manual, USB cable, attractive packaging
Buy now on the gift: the game CD-ROM, AV cable. Silica gel sets
◆ The use of a large screen MP5 design, equipped with a 4.3 inches 26 million high-definition color display, this display occupies almost the entire body of the positive, give strong visual shock.

◆ game features support for large-capacity 32-bit game emulator support

◆ the perfect support for 32-bit NES, GB, GBC, FC, MD, MFC format
◆ support of most of the GBA, BIN game
please notice this is high copy psp!and the memory is 2GB,but you could extend the memory to be 8GB.



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