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sample IE8 PRO IE 8 Black Earphone Professional Portable for MP3 MP4

JBL j33i/j33a in-ear Noodle Earphones w/ Control Talk Volume Super Bass HiFi Earbuds Black White for Android iOs Mobile Wholesale - Creative EP-630 / EP630 / 630 In-ear Earphones with detail package 117pcs/lot

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The flagship model of the IE Series, the IE 8 mark a milestone in the development of ear-canal phones. With their unique technology, the IE 8 enable the user to precisely fine-tune the bass response according to his or her preference. A rugged, interchangeable cable ensures a maximum of serviceability and flexibility; different cable lengths and configurations are available. The IE 8 come with a wide variety of ear adapters, offering a high noise attenuation of up to 26 dB!

The carrying case of the IE 8 has been fitted with (replaceable) dry salt pads. These pads ensure a constant level of humidity of the product when stored, which is particularly helpful as the ear-canal phones may have been exposed to sweat during use.

The IE 8 are optimised for professional monitoring use and ideal for portable AV devices like MP3, DVD and CD players, iPods, iPhones (iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and other countries), or any other mobile phone with a 3.5mm stereo jack.

Dynamic drivers with powerful neodymium magnets ensure outstanding sonic accuracy and clarity
Excellent attenuation of ambient noise
Durable housing and rugged, interchangeable cable
Unique, manual bass response tuning function
Sleek ergonomic design and various types and sizes (S/M/L) of ear adapters ensure a comfortable, secure fit and excellent attenuation of ambient noise
Optimised for professional monitoring use and ideal for MP3, iPod, iPhone, DVD and CD players, and mobile phones (3.5mm stereo plug)

Technical Features:
Frequency response 10 20000 Hz
Cable length 1.2 m, symmetrical (earphone to separator: 0.4 m; separator to plug: 0.8 m)
Impedance 16 Ω
THD, total harmonic distortion < 0.1%
Sound pressure level (SPL) 125 dB
Attenuation (passive) up to 26 dB (95%)
Connector 3.5 mm, angled
Ear coupling intraaural
Transducer principle dynamic
Weight 5 g

Description Product Article No.
Cable standard IE 8, 1.20m 525719

Cable short IE 8, 0.60m 525720

Ear adapter "S", 5 pairs 525783

Ear adapter "M", 5 pairs 525784

Ear adapter "L", 5 pairs 525785

Ear adapter "S", 50 pairs 525724

Ear adapter "M", 50 pairs 525725

Ear adapter "L", 50 pairs 525726

Foam ear adapter "S", 5 pairs 525727

Foam ear adapter "L", 5 Pairs 525728

Lamella ear adapter "S", 5 pairs 525738

Lamella ear adapter "M", 5 pairs 525739

Lamella ear adapter "L", 5 pairs 525740

Ear adapter double mold "S", 5 pairs 525729

Ear adapter double mold "L", 5 pairs 525730

Dry-Salt Pads 525732

Case for IE 6/7/8 525736

Bass adjustment / Cleaning tool 525734

Cable clip black 523898

Ear hooks, 1 pair 529799

Delivery Includes
1 IE 8
1 extended set of ear adapters (S/M/L)
1 protective case with dry salt pads
1 sound adjustment and cleaning tool
1 cable clip

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