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Wholesale - 3Q108-NN bamboo keyboard for computer environment-friendly products

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chian wholesale 3Q108-NN bamboo keyboard for computer environment-friendly products

Product Name: Bamboo Keyboard

Size: 460*161*22mm

Color: Natural Carbonized color

Recognition Format: USB / PS2

For Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/NT/VISTA other systems.

Key life 600 million times, challenge durability limit.

Support multi-language version of the globe.


Recognition Format: USB

Material: natural bamboo
Supported Platforms: Compatible with WINDOWS 95/98/2000/ME/XP other operating systems. Use, the roller part of the issue of faint blue and red light emitted matched the mouse into the bottom of muddy, will enable users of the international life more colorful. Using the latest optical sensing technology design, high resolution and scan rate, so the mouse can accurately positioning. key switch life of up to 10 million times, responsive keys and life is guaranteed. ergonomic styling. comfort grip, flexible operation. can effectively reduce the fatigue caused by operating the mouse level.

Bamboo is a common plant, it Zhigan although not very thick, but the toughness good, folding has been folded. Therefore, the bamboo are very popular since ancient times. Bamboo was praised as "an open mind with thousands of bamboo bamboo"; bamboo in a natural environment on the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide is a very important element, can be applied to medical purposes, used for construction materials and reducing water pollution, etc., use household items made of bamboo, features a fast dry, easy to difficult to breed mildew and bacteria, so its benefits are numerous. The high section of bamboo a guilty conscience, upright character and dancing, well liked by people like chant. The so-called "pine, bamboo and plum," Three Friends of Winter, "plum, orchid, chrysanthemum and bamboo," four gentlemen constitute the characteristics of Chinese gardens. Throughout ancient and modern, love bamboo, bamboo book, bamboo, bamboo people in poetry, not only hi the shape of bamboo, but love the content of bamboo, bamboo as a man of all the model.
Bamboo grows fast, become useful early success on the sustainable use of a plant, bamboo smooth and hard, straight grain, is to create musical instruments, arts and crafts, cultural and sports an important material, as the global economic development, shortage of crude oil, and a variety of industrial plastic products to global environmental pollution, to human life and serious health consequences, the Company under the bamboo, smooth and hard, texture, straight features, bamboo, durable and conducive to human health, the integrity of the bamboo character and whirling, bamboo is more environmentally friendly, especially R & D production of environmentally friendly bamboo mouse, credible quality, beautifully designed and durable. The environmentally friendly bamboo mouse products are now in Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia and win the love for people to get people's affirmation

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