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Payment Methods

New classic electronics products
Payment methods available in enovotec include:

Credit Card  

Others  Unistream(Russia&CSI countries),Payoneer,Payza(Canada),Perfect Money(Swiss),XOOM(USA client recommended, as it is purchased by Paypal now),Transfast(USA&Canada), RIA(USA/Spain&Worldwide), Sigue(Spain), Contact MoneyTransfer(Russia&CSI countries),Boleto Báncario|Ebanx (Caixa/Banco do Brasil/Itau/Bradesco/HSBC) etc.

Important Notice: Please don't mark the payment for business, or this payment will be cancel, due to Ria or Sigue do not support payment for business, so you can tell bank worker for others Like: labour reward or alimony payment, else 

AOS CLIENTES DO BRASIL entre em contato o nosso Atendimento ao Cliente para fazer link especial e prosseguir o pagamento boleto.

• How to make an order? 


Advantages paying at enovotec:
Payment is traceable. You can trace the status of your payment using your debit card/credit card.
Payment does require you use your credit card online (you can transfer directly from your bank account). enovotec doesn't see your credit card number (it is safely encrypted through our chechout's servers), which limits the risk of unauthorized use.Additional limited protection is offered through enovotec's Money Back Guarantee Policy.
Our online system is verified
    We pass VeriSign
bank trafer that we support
Payment is traceable. Payment is immediate and convenient.

Payment is sent directly from your bank to BANK OF CHINA account(please contact us for our company's China

bank details). If you wish to wire transfer to our other bank account, let us know,details will be noticed by email.

  • ps. when you submit the purchase and select bank transfer, it will shows offical bank transfer details.
  • here is help link for where to check SWIFT/BIC codes for your own bank. click here>> 


if you are from country/region below, also need send us in small amount payment: (local currency accepted)

Australia Austria Belgium Bulgaria Canada Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Andorra India Guernsey Gibraltar Japan Jersey Liechtenstein Mexico Saudi Arabia Ukraine Serbia Monaco Isle of Man Croatia Ghana Chile Puerto Rico we can lead you a cheapest way to wire us, no need to add extra transaction fee, it is 40% lower than traditional online banking, please email us we will send you detail accordingly.

Ria Money Transfer: √United States(Accepted Online Transfer),√Canada,√Chile,√Puerto Rico,√Belgium,√Denmark,√Finland,√France,√Germany,√Ireland,√Italy,√Kosovo,√Luxembourg,√Netherlands,√Norway,√Poland,

√Spain,√Sweden,√Switzerland,√Ukraine,√United Kingdom,√Australia,√New Zealand.

SOFORT Banking/Überweisung: √Australia,√Belgium,√France,√Germany,√Italy,√Netherlands,√Poland,√Slovakia,√Spain,√Switzerland.

With more than 150 years of experience, Western Union is a global leader in money transfer services. It helps consumers and businesses send money quickly and reliably. Note: USD($),Euros(€),HKD(HK$),GBP(£),RMB(¥) are our top priority accepted payment currency, for other countries currency, please contact us for exchange rate. Now you can enjoy 5% OFF Special Discount in our website!
Below is the information you need for Western Union Cash Transfer: 
Western Union enables you to send payments quickly and securely online using a credit card or bank account.
When you select Western Union chechout as the payment method, please follow below steps to send payment effectively.
Step1.Open offical website you will see below dialogue:
please select your local region Country
Step2.We choose "United States" as default country, which comes page:
There are three ways to make payment by western union, US for example.
Step3.Send us payment online by Westernunion if you live in one of the following 29 countries:
√United States,√Canada,√Russian Federation,√Belgium,√Denmark,√Finland,√France,√Germany,√Ireland,√Italy,√Poland,√Luxembourg,√Estonia,√Lithuania,√Czech Republic,√Austria,√Netherlands,√Norway,√Slovakia,√Hungary,√Portugal,√Spain,√Sweden,√Switzerland,√Greece,√Malta,√United Kingdom,√Australia,√New Zealand.
a.Amount, the payment number when you place order (Item price) ,transaction fee paid by your part when transfer payment .
b.Sender and recipient's full name. (pls confirm us by email or view order detail at User Center link>>>>).
c.Country, your full sending payment region,and our part is China.
d.Telephone,your office/home number. Receiver telephone +86 15989400771 .
Step4.You can track payment status easily online by sender's name and MTCN. Be aware that dialogue differs between countries/regions .
Money Tranfer Tracking online,click for operation
If payment sucessfully be sent to our President Account, it will show as follows:
Transfer Status
Or there are other options, finish your cash payment in local currency (where applicable) to a participating WU Agent location:
Vist local agent to make wu payment
After make payment, please contact with , and let us know transaction MTCN(Money Transfer Control Number) and Amount Paid. We will confirm your order online within 24 working hours.
ps. If you have questions about online transactions, please US customers call one of the following:
  • Customer Support for U.S. customers only (English) -- 1-800-926-9400
  • Servicio de Cliente (Español) -- 1-800-955-7777
  • Western Union Transfer Fees for reference:


Transfer Amount

Service Fee

500 USD

15 USD

500-1000 USD

20 USD

1000-2000 USD

25 USD

2000-5000 USD

30 USD


40 USD

And it's more easier to send money and pay bills using WU mobile app. View More>>


Money transfers are fast and easy when you use MoneyGram. Send money to friends and family using your credit card or

bank account. please let us know your First/Last Name and Reference number once you've done the payment, we will confirm your order correspondingly online.

Step1.Open offical website, please fufill the correct receiver name, receiver's country as China.

Step 1 on how to send payment by Money Gram

Step2.Now you will pick up which method you prefer for your payment being received. We recommend you use Cash Pickup/USD.

Step 2. How to make payment by Money Gram


Step3.In this step you will choose what payment you like to move payment, Bank Account/Credit Card optional.

Step 3 on how to send payment by Money Gram 

Step4.After you submit the payment processing, which shows details as below.

Step 4 on how to send payment by Money Gram

If you've made a payment through Moneygram, please let us know below information.
Transfer Reference Number (Used by MoneyGram for tracking, 8digits usually)
b, Sender's full name details. (Receiver's full name is:YUQING LI.The First Name is YUQING,the Surname is LI).
c, Transfer Amount: the payment amount when you place order (Item price).
d, Intended Destination Country :

More Questions? Please visit

1.Transfer Reference Number : For your security the code will be sent in a separate email or Sign In to get yours. 
2. USD($) is our main accepted payment currency, for other countries currency. Operation is similar with Western Union.
3. If you had chosen Account Deposit - ICBC - USD at first step, your payment will be done in 2-3 business days. It's required RRN: MG33491234 , thanks!
Paying with Credit Cards - Visa, Mastercard, JCB
Credit card is the most secure and convenient online payment way. More than 8 billion customers use it.
Credit card companies typically provide some level of identity and purchase protection. Listed below are some popular credit card protection policies: - Visa's Zero Liability- MasterCard Zero Liability- Discover 100% Fraud Protection- American Express: Ironclad Protection.Low Fees, easy to manage, it supports worldwidely.
Please beware of following steps if you want to proceed the payment smoothly. Any question is welcome! 
Step 1. After you put the item into shopping cart, and click checkout now buton,make sure you logined or order as a guest, later you will find shipmet details you need to fill in. Below is the shipment infos update dialogue. Make sure you have fufilled the accurate consignee address(this is very important for your credit card payment verification), view details below foto.
Confirm Shipment Address,this is very important!
Step 2. After choose your Shipment Method and "Credit Card" with this icon   (ps. sometimes only shows Credit Card font) ,  you can submit an unpaid order. Then you can pay your order online: Move downside of the order, and find the Creditcard Payment Online button to proceed the transaction easily.
this shows last step of paying by credit card ! 
Nota para amigos brasileros: * todo são Dados obrigatórios . Código de Segurança:Últimos 3 números do verso do seu cartão de crédito internacional.
Step 3. Your order payment is made after clicked the "Submit Order" buton, then it shows Your Payment Operation Succeed, without doubt its done sucessfully.Otherwise you need to re-made a new order and make payment. 
Payment sucessfully shows hint! 
If it showed other results, such as payment failed error code *Declined by issueing bank*, then it means your payment failed, you need contact with your bank to resolve this issue. and there are many other possibilities as below:
ATTENTION! You can refer to follow reason, and found resolution to make it right:
a. Your credit card's Name, Card Number, Validate Date or cvv2 informations are incorrect or misspelt, re-confirm again.
b. Your VISA/Mastercard is expired, you are not able to use it.
c. No balance available or
 not sufficient funds for this card holder, check with local issued card company for assistance.
d. Your region/country is ranked as high risky place by Visa/Mastercard authority, such as Nigera etc..
e. Buyer's card is withdrew or baned by local banks.
Auth Declined: There is a possibility of local network failture which makes invalidation for transaction, remember do not ever use VPN or other virtual networks when proceed payment, it will easy leak your billings information, never use it please, thanks.
g. Buyer's related information is recognized as high risk, and payment transaction is cancelled to avoid card being stolen.
h. Business card refused: Paypal issued card payment is not allowed in our shopping system. please contact us for help.
i. Your billing information such as Country is not matched with shipment country/region. For example You are already travelling in USA, but you need to deliver to Australia, this not works throughly, our bank system ranks it as high risky level.
Our credit card carrier forbids the sale of DVDs And some other brand items, in order to comply with their regulations our direct credit card payment option can not be used for these product categories. You can still use other payment to pay.
Note: please send us payment in USD, if you need to send in other currency, please contact with our online Customer Service.
We have other acceptable payment method,such as WebMoney,Unistream,Payza etc. please contact Customer Service for details,thank you.
The Payza online payment platform lets you send and receive money, shop, make online payments or get paid from almost anywhere in the world. 
How to pay online? Firstly login your payza account, then follow below steps.
ps. please select Service or Donation when choose the reason of paying by payza, this avoid us big tax. Thanks a lot!
Xoom (USA supported, it is replacement method of paypal for US clients) 
Xoom (pronounced zoom) is one of the only companies committed to developing a global online-to-offline money transfer network. Xoom enables its customers to leverage the power of the internet to send money 24/7 to countries around the globe. Long gone are the days when senders need to spend time driving to and waiting in line at an old-fashioned money transfer location.
Xoom’s innovations to the traditional money transfer industry speak for themselves. Some of the many selling points include:
• Low fees – Xoom is up to 80% cheaper than Western Union and MoneyGram’s online services
• Convenience – Senders can now transfer money anywhere and anytime they are online
• Reliability – Xoom offers our customers’ a 100% satisfaction guarantee
• Flexibility – Unlike with traditional money transfer companies, Xoom offers direct deposit to a bank account, cash pick up, secure debit cards, or home delivery. 
You can pay through xoom from USA since 2016. its the lowest transaction fee. 24hours payment arrived.
Below is the details of payment transaction by XOOM from US to China: 
Beneficiary:YUQING LI  (first name is YUQING , last name is LI)
Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ45A
Bank Account: 6013822000909992623
City: Shenzhen
Town: longhua
Tel.  0086 15989400771
Need Xoom Help? Email Xoom or Call (877) 815-1531 (toll free) or +1 (415) 395-4225 ¡Hablamos español!
You can pay through transfast. its lowest transaction fee. 24hours payment arrived.
Below is the details of payment transaction by Transfast from US/Canada to China: 
Amount: Product price 5% OFF total in USD
First Name: YUQING  
Last Name: LI
Mobile Phone: 0086 15989400771
Country: China
Account Number: 6013822000909992623
Sigue|Coinstar Money Transfer 
Coinstar Money Transfer is fastest way to transfer money worldwide. With its cheaper charge and convenient office locations, we are prefer to accept this payment method. You can also use credit card to do transfer with Coinstar Money Transfer online.

Here is the steps on how to finish your payment by Sigue|Coinstar Money Transfer:
1 ).You also go to a bank which one have Coinstar Money Transfer service in your place. Bank will teach you do everything. After payment, you need to tell me the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) and sender's name ASAP. So that we will send you the package in time and on time.
2 ). Register an account on, send money online to us through After payment, you need to tell me the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) and sender's name ASAP. So that we will send you the package in time and on time.
Sigue|Coinstar Money Transfer Info:
First name:yuqing
Last name:Li
City:Shen Zhen
Zip Code: 518000
Tel: 86-159-8940-0771
After you make it, you need to tell us the following information so that we will pick up the money:
MTCN numbers (9 digital numbers)
Sender's full names who sent the money
Exact amount you paid and which currency you paid
Sender's country origin
Senders' telepone number
Coinstar Money Transfer agent locations >>
Proceed money transfer via UNISTREAM (Russia&Ukraine)

Find the nearest point UNISTREAM, for this you can use the search on the official website of UNISTREAM .

Tell operatsionist Name Recipient remittances by country and city receiving a transfer. Show ID operatsionist. 

Operationist will give you your copy of "Application for transfer without opening an account, which will specify the control code translation. 

Transmit Sender Name, address, place of receipt and transfer of control code to the receiver. 

If you send a money order from his own service station CB UNISTREAM and if the commission does not exceed 70 rubles. With you take a commission of 70 rubles. Commission for sending the translation to the system can calculate UNISTREAM site, for this point to sending, receiving and the amount of remittance. 

In some countries the issue of transfer is made only in local currency. 

In their own service areas KB Unistream translation of monetary amounts to 15 thousand rubles (or the equivalent in foreign currency), the identity can not produce. When the amount of remittance to 74 999.99 Rub. (Or equivalent in foreign currency) is not required to submit registration and migration card.

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tonyboss777: ( 2014-05-01 01:26:07 )
MTCN-5784521010 $135 USA.WESTERN UNION.
Hi Anatoliy we've received your MTCN information, but it seems you miswrote the Last name of receiver. as the name of receiver name is wrong. pls check and correct it.
the Last Name is TAN
The First Name is YAPING

also your full sender's name is needed to confirm payment here. you can call one of the following:
Customer Support for U.S. customers only (English) -- 1-800-325-6000 FREE CALL FROM US
Servicio de Cliente (Español) -- 1-800-325-4045
to adjust the right name, once you've done we can arrange your shipment quickly!

Below is the details for payment transaction by western unoin:

Recipient's full name: YAPING TAN ( This is very important.)

Amount: 135USD

Address: Longhua Town,Baoan District

Zip code: 518000

Province : Guangdong

Country : China

Recipient's telephone: 0755 29056881

Your full sender's name:_____________

sincerely Customer Service Center
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